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Rollin' out the Green Carpet

Riders headed south into Ventura along the coast will be greeted with a newly paved, and newly striped bike-friendly Main Street. There’s beautiful green paint to show motorists where to expect cyclists, and sharrows to guide bikers through the somewhat tricky intersection of Main and Olive. 

The cherry on top of this minty treat is the new bike repair station, installed by the city and sponsored by Channel Islands Bike Club. Here, you can perform any number of repairs from fixing your brakes (like me recently) to pumping up your tires. You can then follow the green-brick road into downtown Ventura or take the path right to the beach.

If was your first time rolling into Ventura on a bike, you might think it was the bike friendliest city you’ve been to yet! Well, that’s the goal. Thank you City of Ventura public works and traffic department. Let’s keep this kind of work going. Look out for a celebratory ride soon hosted by BikeVentura.


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