Our Board of Directors

Portrait of Larry Abele

Larry Abele, Chair

Bike culture has always inspired Larry, a lifelong bike commuter who has lived abroad and has experienced cycling to work in several cities around the world, giving him a unique perspective and a drive to improve our local pedestrian/bike city access. Seeing this as a pathway to enrich the quality of life and strengthen our community’s economy, public health, and reduction of climatic impact.

Professionally, Larry has had a lengthy career with Volvo Cars. Having expertise in strategic product development and design innovation has given him a unique understanding of the next generation of urban mobility. Larry graduated from and was on Transportation Design faculty at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CA.


Portrait of Jabbar Wofford

Jabbar Wofford

 I’m a life long resident of Oxnard, growing up in the downtown area. After my dad first taught me how to ride a bike, my friends and I started riding everywhere and never stopped. I even took a few trips to Sycamore Canyon as a kid (my mom didn’t know). 

I’m a daily bike commuter to work Monday-Friday and enjoy going on weekend cruises. I guess you could say I use it as my meditation. 

I believe we need better infrastructure for riding and parking bikes safely within the county because bicycles are the only way to get around fast under your own power and can help with the struggles of climate change, physical he


Nina Danza

Nina sees cycling as an immediate practical environmental solution.  She spreads a ‘more bikes less emissions’ ethic while volunteering in the shops, and at public event booths, as well as by advocating politically for better bike paths in our area.  Not willing to see a good bike go to waste, she has brought 100s of fixer upper bikes to BikeVC that were destined for the scrap metal bin.  Nina spends plenty of time working on and giving away bikes to needy local kids, knowing this is a certain way to grow bike support and their own long term healthy and happy lifestyle.  Nina will ride the Great American Rail Trail when it is completed.

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