About BikeVentura

BikeVentura, a Project of VCCOOL

VCCool is an active, grass-roots non-profit, charitable 501(c)(3) corporation located in Ventura, California.  VCCool incorporated in 2007.  BikeVentura is comprised of three organizations, BikeVentura Advocacy, Ventura Bike HUB, and Fillmore Bike HUB.  The Bike HUBs are community bicycle shops and second-hand bike stores. 

Mission Statement

BikeVentura’s mission is to foster a safe, healthy community through bicycle-centered education, empowerment, and advocacy in Ventura County.

Recent Accomplishments

  • Participated in January 2017 City Council meeting to support the successful approval of a grant funding The Ventura Avenue Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements Plan.  The Grant includes bike lanes and sidewalks on Cedar St; bike lane, sidewalk and stop sign at DeAnza and curb extensions and better crosswalks on Ventura Ave
  • In 2016, helped over 800 people fix their bikes, logged over 2,500 Volunteer hours, built and sold nearly 100 bikes, thanks to donations
  • Co-creator of Ventura’s Master Bikeway Plan. Our on-going, community actions are creating a new bicycle feel to the city of Ventura, including some of California’s first green-bike-boxes
  • In 2012, opened the Ventura Bike HUB community shop supporting low-income cyclists in fixing their own bicycle
  • VCCool’s on-line petition and video was responsible for SCAG moving  $700,000,000 of additional funds to Active Transportation in the 2012 Regional Transportation Budget
  • Hosted six bilingual Kid Bike Safety Rodeos teaching kids and parents and giving away close to 2,000 helmets
  • Provided 25 bicycles to farm-worker youth
  • Provide technical responses to city codes and plans, including 35 page of recommendations for the Westside code
  • Written ~$1.5 million dollars of successful state/federal grants for Ventura City pay for bicycle safety and education

Our Partners

BikeVentura thanks their partners.  Through their generous support of donations, grants, and sponsorship BikeVentura is able to sustain and grow Bike HUB and BikeVentura Advocacy programs.