13 January 2017 – Win for BikeVentura Advocacy!  VCSTAR reports on the City Council vote to approve Ventura Avenue upgrades.  Ventura Bike HUB Program Director, Toby Smith, spoke at the city council meeting and is quoted by the Ventura County Star.

“It’s all the kinds of things that add to smarter mobility,” said Toby Smith, a westside resident and program director for the nonprofit VCCool’s Bike Ventura initiative, dedicated to promoting bicycling.

The improvements can lead to safer conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians, encouraging more people to travel that way. That leads to less traffic and fewer parking issues, Smith said.”


Curb extensions are “part of a trend in designing streets to be safer for bicyclists and pedestrians,” said Bill Sadler, California’s senior policy manager for the Safe Routes to School National Partnership. Drivers need to take more caution in making turns, and medians help prevent people from crossing the street illegally or in mid-block, he said.

The extensions will be at Ventura Avenue and Vince, Warner, Lewis and Kellogg streets, Forbes Lane and Leighton Drive.

Other improvements will include:

  • A sidewalk and bicycle lane on the west side of Cedar Street between Prospect and Poli streets.
  • Pedestrian flashing beacons added at the Avenue and Vince Street and Leighton Drive.
  • New crosswalks at the Avenue and Sunnyway Drive and Forbes Lane.
  • Bicycle lanes added to De Anza Drive near De Anza Middle School, between the Avenue and Cameron Street.
  • A raised median between Sunnyway Drive and Lewis Street.

If you are interested in supporting safer cycling in Ventura County, please join our advocacy team.  Calls to action are communicated via newsletters and also group meetings.  Sign up for the newsletter!

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