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People around the world are converging into committed groups of concerned citizens about climate change. For example, the Coalition Climat 21 (from France) is “made up of over 130 civil society organizations; such as labor unions, religious organizations, human rights & environmental NGOs, and independent social movements.” During the United Nations COP21 conference in Paris last December, Coalition Climat 21 hosted one of the many people-powered gatherings to continue the grassroots organizations doing THE WORK world leaders were mostly talking about at the corporatized UN event.

Xiuhtezcatl Martinez was at both the official and unofficial venues. He is a musician and youth director of Earth Guardians. You can hear from him in this short video filmed during COP21.

Kid Warrior Paris: A Generation’s Call to Action from BLKFLM on Vimeo.

“Change is coming. We are rising with the oceans.”

Stay tuned for part 3 of this newsletter series on COP21 to find what grassroots initiatives are blooming from the international gatherings and what commitments elected leaders and businesses made.

Picture of moss graffiti from Twitter #ClimateGames. Words by Robert Barnett

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