BikeVentura Board Members

BikeVentura is an active, grassroots organization governed by a Board of Directors.

John Buccola, Chairperson of the Board

John Buccola has been involved with BikeVentura since 2011, joining its Board of Directors in 2016 and serving as Chairperson since August 2017. John has a deep passion for cycling and the usefulness it brings to our community, society and planet. As Chairperson, he strives to serve cyclists of all walks of life by broadening the reach of the organization through empowerment, education and advocacy.

John is an enterprise technology veteran, currently the Chief Technology Officer for Profit Enhancement Systems, a Ventura County-based consultancy, and serves on several Boards in southern California. He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business from the University of La Verne and lives in Ventura with his wife Heidi and two sons.

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Leah Tubb

Leah Tubb joined BikeVentura in 2015 and quickly wanted to do more.  She joined the Board of Directors in 2016.  

Leah’s passion for riding began at a young age.  She grew up in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, always riding her bike with her neighbors.  They would travel for miles around town, to the ice cream shop, and to friend’s houses.  Leah believes child-like adventure can be part of Ventura’s future. 

Leah holds B.S. in Materials Engineering from Cal Poly (Go Mustangs) and has been supporting the United States Navy since 2012.  

Leah lives in Ventura with her husband, son, and one-eyed dog.

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Heidi Buccola

Heidi has been involved with BikeVentura since 2012, starting as a volunteer coordinator. Her love affair with bicycles is an ever-evolving passion. BikeVentura’s mission of advocacy and education appealed to Heidi and drove her interest in becoming a board member. It’s no longer just about riding; to her it’s about promoting safe cycling and building bicycle culture in Ventura County.
Heidi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Child and Adolescent Studies from Cal State Fullerton, and is working towards her Master’s in Social Work. She lives with her husband John and their two sons in Ventura.

Ellie Piper

Ellie Piper began volunteering at BikeVentura in 2015 and joined the board in September of 2017. She grew up in Washington State where she enjoyed a childhood filled with riding bikes and skiing. She went on to study Cell Biology at Montana State University, and spent years traveling around the Western United States before finding a home in Ventura.
Ellie currently works in the field of Environmental Outdoor Education where she helps to educate youth about community, leadership, environmental sciences, and preservation. She understands the importance of community bike shops as an outlet for people to gain knowledge and skills, as well as a way to promote a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our planet.

Yvonne Adan

Yvonne Started volunteering as a mechanic in 2014 after she found out about the HUB from our partners at the Channel Islands Bicycle Club. She first wanted to learn how to take care of basic repairs on her bike, then with her insatiable appetite to learn, she quickly got into building a bike from scratch!  She then stepped up to join the board in 2015 and became Chairperson of the board right after. She served as chair of the board for 2 years and now takes care of much of our financials and operates as shop “mom”.  Yvonne is an inspiration to everyone involved having been born in 1939 and surviving and still fighting tough bouts with cancer. She still gets up and gets on her bike and rides whenever she can. 
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David Ferrin

David Ferrin is an active Ventura resident and business owner. His community service participation includes being a board member since 2002 on the Midtown Ventura Community Council (MVCC), including four years as Chair, serving on the board of BikeVentura since 2015, and serving on both the City of Ventura’s Design Review Committee and Planning Commission since 2011, currently Vice-Chair on both posts.

Professionally, David is the Principal Architect of arketype architects inc., Owner of a designer-led design-build General Contracting company, and a partner in a solar power business, Brighten Solar.  

David’s long standing concern for sustainability led him to become an active member in the community. David values urban design that acknowledges the needs of our era such as the conservation of natural resources, providing affordable housing, making city’s more compact and in harmony with the natural environment, and efficient less environmentally-invasive transportation solutions that are accessible to all. Promoting built environments designed less for automobiles and more for biking and pedestrianism is the future David envisions, and his purpose on the board of directors at BikeVentura. 


Norman Schiele

Norman has been volunteering as a mechanic at the Hub since 2014, he also does  special projects whenever possible.

 He got his first road bike in 1980, and has been riding and doing his own maintenance ever since. He raced mountain bikes and triathlons in Texas in the 2000’s.

He is also involved with the Channel Islands Bike Club, and is a former board member.

Norman is now retired from a diverse career as a manufacturing engineer. He has a bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.