Imagine a place where it is safe for children to ride their bikes to school and the beach. Let’s make this dream a reality.


Organizing to make Ventura a bicycle-friendly place to live!

We are always looking for people to get involved in Advocacy.  Show support at community rides, gathering and/or speaking at city council and community council meetings, providing input at meetings, or just doing research. We have a place for you!


  • Local – research and commissions
  • Ventura County – partner with county supervisors and Ventura County Traffic Commission (VCTC)  and advocate for policy, grants, and funding
  • Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) – ensure Ventura County is visible for funding and bikes are seen as policy
  • State – watch state policy and sign letters of support to help build strength, momentum, and unity


  • Local – work closely with local engineers to review and make suggestions, research and advocate for implementation of best practices, evaluate adherence to master plan, and reports from Bicycle Advisory Committee.
  • County – provide feedback, educate, and evaluate best practice implementation to county public works
  • VCTC – ensure partnership with VCTC for proposed projects and funding
  • Research current best practices, safe cycling in other communities and applicability to Ventura


  • Local – be a local champion!  Educate neighbors and friends on safety, projects, policy, and infrastructure changes
  • Spread the word about City/community council events as needed
  • Spread the word about County Supervisors events as needed


  • Bike Safety Classes – coordinate and host safety classes and bike rodeos
  • Helmets – provide free to low cost helmets and teach about safe fit
  • Schools – bike safety education at schools, safe riding skills, etc.
  • HUB – ensure HUB is stocked with information/pamphlets about safe riding, educate staff and volunteers, and host community workshops
  • Events – participate in various community events to gain exposure for BikeVentura Advocacy,  educate community about bikes, bicycle safety, and infrastructure updates
  • Valet Parking – Assist and host Bike Valet Parking Project at community events

Want to help out?  Get on our e-mail list!

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